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Вообще в рассылке по cifs много интересного, и конечно надо быть в курсе.
У нас она есть в IMAP:

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Тема: Re: [linux-cifs-client] Recent backports?
Дата: 25 июля 2008
Отправитель: Jeff Layton <jlayton на redhat.com>
получатель:  Jeffrey Morris <jmorris на kazeon.com>

On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 12:50:05 -0700
Jeffrey Morris <jmorris на kazeon.com> wrote:

> Hi all:
> How do I get a backport of the current CIFS code to say, 2.6.18-x?  
> (I'm using a CentOS 5 distro.)
> I got the latest code from kernel.org and did much of it, but ran  
> into an issue with the worker queue stuff that was introduced with  
> some of the DFS changes.

The RHEL5 kernels on my RH people page have fairly up-to-date CIFS


...DFS is not working in them (and is not compiled in for that reason).
I may try to get it working before 5.3, but it really depends on how
much time I have. If you get DFS working with them, I'd like to see
your patches.

Jeff Layton <jlayton на redhat.com>
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