[Wine-announce] Выпуск новой сборки баг-фикс релиза WINE на Etersoft 1.0.12-eter8.21/19

Andrey Vusik night на office.etersoft.ru
Ср Апр 20 21:11:02 MSD 2011

 Выпуск новой сборки баг-фикс релиза WINE на Etersoft 
 Доступ через страницу продукта - версия 1.0.12.

 Открытая часть - 1.0.12-eter8.21
 Закрытая часть - 1.0.12-eter19

 Основные проблемы, решенные в этой сборке:
 - Запуск TicGab5 (eterbug #7103)
 - Исправлен хак для драйвера Катран: 1с v7.7 Домино:Ломбард (eterbug 
 - Запуск Консультант Плюс с USB-флэш (eterbug #6508)
 - Реализована обработка подключения/отключения USB-устройств (eterbug 
 - Работа Гарант 7.6.0 (eterbug #6892)

 Changelog открытой части:
 - ipconfig: Add stub implementation
 - kernel32: Replace command.com with cmd.exe (eterbug #7103)
 - disable file type associations export by default (eterbug #7021)
 - ntdll: Add a workaround for Ubuntu's stupid ptrace breakage
 - ntdll: Add support for retrieving the server pid from the socket 
 - ntdll: Avoid the close-on-exec race with recvmsg() on kernels that 
 support this
 - server: Make the fd passing code slightly more portable
 - configure: Use PKG_CONFIG variable, do not hardcode USBLIBS
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Use etersoft_ioctl_* functions
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Improve the hack for Katran key (eterbug #7059)
 - kernel32: Do not convert arguments with no slashes (eterbug #6934)
 - initialize .windows-serial when creating wineprefix (eterbug #6942)
 - mountmgr.sys: Partially implement reading harddisk volume (eterbug 
 - add comment in setwinelimits for parametr --limit
 - mountmgr.sys: Generate unique Driver records for flash drives 
 (eterbug #6508)
 - update winetricks to 20110123
 - mountmgr.sys: Hack for Consultant+ for flash drive (eterbug #6508)
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Fix handling unsupported requests (eterbug #6942)
 - winepath: Do not convert path a second time (eterbug #6934)
 - ole32: Allow storage files with a block size of 4096 to open
 - ole32: Don't treat the header as a big block in 
 - ole32: Don't treat the header as a big block in 
 - ole32: Fix the big block offset calculation
 - ole32: Remove knowledge of block sizes from the BigBlockFile object
 - ole32: Remove the BIG_BLOCK_SIZE define
 - ole32: Remove the NUM_BLOCKS_PER_DEPOT_BLOCK define
 - ole32: Remove the unused BlockBits structures from BigBlockFile 
 - do not duplicate a function for starting service (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Add comments to conditional inclusion preprocessing 
 directives (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Add support for removing USB devices (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Fix enumerating USB devices with libusb-0.1 (eterbug 
 - mountmgr.sys: Fix processing PnP requests for ROOT devices (eterbug 
 - mountmgr.sys: Fix return value (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Load drivers for keys plugged in after starting wine 
 (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Move WINEAUTOMOUNT check to hal.c (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Remove unneeded checks
 - mountmgr.sys: Use create_pdo for creating PDO (eterbug #4301)
 - move parport and usbhub drivers to mountmgr.sys (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Device ID does not contain spaces (eterbug #4301)
 - mountmgr.sys: Remove old symlink before creating new one (eterbug 
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Add stub for IoDetachDevice (eterbug #4301)
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Attach to the highest device object (eterbug #4301)
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Implement IoDetachDevice (eterbug #4301)
 - ntoskrnl.exe: Initialize critical section statically
 - bug Fix Release #4
 - new version eter8.1
 - gdi32: first look for a printer driver name in the registry (fix 
 eterbug #5744)
 - shell32: Release iTypeInfo on error
 - user32: Hack for Chronograph 3.0 Master (eterbug #6820)

 Changelog закрытой части:

 - eterx11msg: add killall wineserver message for nonterminal license
 - hack for Katran key drivers
 - make win32 functions available not only in dll.c

 С уважением,
 Андрей Вусик
 Отдел тестирования,
 ООО "Этерсофт",

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